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What is USA ESTA?

It is short for the Electronic Travel Authorization System. Its verification allows you to enter the territory of the United States of America without US visa application. This system determines whether the traveler meets the requirements for the US visitors. The goal of ESTA USA system is to assess whether the candidate poses a risk to the implementation of citizen’s rights and security of the country, or not.

If you received the affirmation of your ESTA application, you have the right to travel to the U.S.A. under the Visa Waiver Program. However, if you have a valid US visa, you can enter the territory of the country without additional affirm of your ESTA USA.

  • Check your eligibility

    For passport holders of any country.

    Only citizens of Visa Waiver Countries are allowed to apply for ESTA. It is important to know if you are qualified for ESTA before you submit your online application.
    Perform your free ESTA Eligibility Test.

  • ESTA Application Requirements

    You are citizen of a Visa Waiver Country


    1. Apply for ESTA
    2. Apply for Tourist VISA
    3. Apply for Business VISA
    4. Group Application
    5. Check ESTA Eligibility
    6. Valid Passport and Card
  • ESTA Update Requirements

    You are citizen of a Visa Waiver Country


    1. Verify ESTA
    2. Update ESTA
    3. Review ESTA data
    4. Check validity ESTA
    5. Check ESTA status
    6. Change information
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    General information about ESTA and Visa Waiver Countries / Visa Waiver Program:

    What is a travel authorization for the USA?

    Presently, it has been elaborated for visa-free regimen, helping ensuring safety. The named permission’s especial service allowing…

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    What is the Visa Waiver Country / Visa Waiver Program?

    It is a program that helps the citizens from the member countries to enter the territory of the USA without obtaining a visa.

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    ESTA application process and explanation of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization:

    How can I apply for ESTA?

    You can submit your application for a US travel authorization (ESTA) online. You will have to provide both personal and passport information…

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    How to pay for ESTA?

    All payments must be made by credit card. The ESTA system accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover (JCB, Diners Club).

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    Renew and Update your ESTA application, and read what to do if your application has been denied:

    How to update and verify your ESTA?

    If your traveling document is no longer valid, or its data has changed, you need to verify and update your ESTA one more time.

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    What to do, if your ESTA application has been denied?

    If an ESTA application has been denied, but the traveler still wishes to enter the United States, it is required to apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

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ESTA USA – the tedious online US visa application

Citizens of the countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program aren’t required a visa to visit the United States of America. They should receive confirmation of their ESTA USA application.

Requirements for ESTA USA applicants

1.The applicant must be a citizen of one of the VWP USA countries and have a suitable passport: Since April 1, 2016, all citizens of the countries taking part in the VWP USA need to have both ESTA or visa confirmation and a valid e-passport. If you have received the confirmation of the USA ESTA application and plan to go to the US by air or by sea, you do not necessitate to fill out the green I-94W card.

2.The period of applicant’s stay under the ESTA USA program should not exceed 90 days. The validity of your e-passport must expire no earlier than in 90 days. If the validity of your e-passport is less than 90 days, you’ll be allowed to stay in the US until the expiration date of your e-passport.

3.The purpose of your ESTA USA trip should be:

Affirm of the VWP USA application is valid for two years or until the expiration date of your passport.

ESTA USA exceptions

Already issued confirmations of the VWP USA application is no longer valid for people who have visited Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan since March 1, 2011. This also spreads out to the people who have the citizenship of one of these countries.

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