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ESTA for kids: does a child need an ESTA

ESTA for childYou probably know that all citizens and nationals of VWP countries are required to obtain electronic travel authorization to be able to travel to the United States.

However, questions like “Do kids need ESTA?” and “How to get ESTA for my child?” still often pop out around the Internet.

That is why in this article we will not only inform you about what ESTA for kids is but will also explain in detail all the peculiarities of applying for an ESTA for a child.

It may seem strange to you, but children, even infants, also need the authorization to enter the territory of the US. If your kid doesn’t have the ESTA child application confirmation or visa, he or she will not be allowed to board the plane to the United States.

Answer to popular question. Does a child need an ESTA?

ESTA visa child could be required in transit through the United States of America. That is why if you and your family intend to travel to Mexico or Canada via any US airport, you have to take care of filling in an ESTA form for a child.

ESTA application for childWhat is the process of applying for ESTA for a child?

The application process is precisely the same as for adults. You need to fill in the form and pay the same fees. The only difference is that you take responsibility for your kids and state that you have informed him or her about the VWP rules and requirements.

The best way to ensure that your kid has approved ESTA application for child no later than you is to submit the forms on the same day. We strongly recommend all our customers and readers not to postpone applying for an ESTA for a child until the last days before the departure. Of course, in most cases, the system provides application results in minutes, but there are situations when applicants have to wait about 72 hours or more. And if your application is denied, you may need to apply the US visa, which is a longer process.

What is the most convenient way to obtain ESTA for a child?

There are many websites that offer US Travel application forms. Some of them, including the current one, also provide consulting services and are able to help clients with completing ESTA for a child. For a reasonable fee, our experts can fill in and submit the application for you. You only need to provide passport data, travel details, and some additional personal information. We ensure that your application is properly filled out, which multiplies your chances of getting electronic travel authorization approval.

Tips how to submit group applications in a few steps

If you are traveling with a one or more kids and/or other members of your family, you may find it more convenient to submit a group application. In this case, you will be able to make one payment for ESTA applications both for a child and adult people. You will also get an ID number of your group application, which can be used to access, check and update them.

Travel documents required for ESTA child application

To submit ESTA for kids, you will need to fill in their passport details. Please note that minor travelers who don’t have individual passports are not eligible to apply for ESTA child visa. When completing ESTA for a child, you will also need his or her plane or ship ticket. If he or she doesn’t have a personal ticket, his or her name should be listed on the ticket of the accompanying person (parent, teacher, coach).

What if my child got ESTA application approved and I don’t?

does a child need an ESTAAs a legal guardian, you take responsibility for your kids while you are visiting the United States of America. According to the VWP requirements, a young person cannot travel without a supervisor, so, if your application was denied, your kid cannot enter the territory of the United States of America as well.

In case you need additional information about filling in an ESTA form for a child you should visit our ESTA for child section. If you feel you are ready to fill in ESTA application for child, you may first go through Eligibility Test and make sure you have all the necessary information. However, you may also check, Verify or Update your previous authorization and see if it is still valid.

Read more about the USA Travel Authorization and the Visa Waiver Program’s specificities on the pages of our blog! We will give you all the tips on how to use it. You also can appreciate the quality of our service in our web pages. We hope you find our site interesting and useful for your needs.

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