What should the applicant do, if his/her ESTA visa was denied? (FAQ)

Denial rejection: ESTA denied then approved

Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases where people find out that their request for obtaining the right to go on a trip via ESTA has been abrogated. It can happen due to a variety of causes but it is certainly not the reason to give up on your dream of visiting America. Continue reading, if you want to know what to do when the ESTA visa was denied altogether or when ESTA was denied by mistake and so on.


What happens when a suppliant of the Visa Waiver Program was forbidden from traveling through the US?

In the event that ESTA denied entry to any given applicant, then he or she will be deprived of an opportunity to travel around this country under the auspices of the Visa Waiver Program. This person will be expelled from the US and will be forced to get back to his/her native country or the country from which he/she has started the trip (even if it is not the traveler’s native country but he/she possesses the round-trip ticket to that particular destination). The return trip should be carried out by the same tourist company which sold the ticket to the US.

Is there any alternative if ESTA denied entry to the US?

There is a certain possibility that the application may be rejected. It can happen for several reasons but it does not mean that the applicant has been refused entry to the United States altogether. ESTA only determines whether you are entitled to visit the US within the framework of the Visa Waiver Program. You can still get a chance to see the US if you manage to obtain the ordinary visa. Just contact the nearest embassy to learn more about the application for such a visa.

Would it be advisable to re-submit the ESTA application if the initial application was rejected?

Frankly speaking, there is no point in submitting such an application once again, unless there have been crucial changes in your life that can significantly influence your reputation as a traveler. Otherwise, you will surely receive the rejection once again. The provision of false or inaccurate information will surely have unfortunate consequences, as you will be banned from the VWP forever.

Instead, you can try to get the standard visa in a way we’ve described earlier.

Can I figure out the reason why ESTA denied entry to the US?

The official ESTA webpage contains the direct link to the DHS website where you will be able to check whether you have any reason to worry about being put on the watch list or even flagged as the illegitimate traveler. Please keep in mind that the approval or denial of the ESTA Visa application depends only on the quality of information you have provided to the authorities, and the inquiries to the Department of Homeland Security and its affiliate programs, such as the Travel Redness Inquiry Program, may not result in the alteration of your traveler status. The US embassy also will not be able to interfere with the results determined by ESTA. The simplest way would be to try and get the standard US visa.

How comes ESTA approved then denied entry to the US?

There could be cases where certain errors occur within ESTA due to a human factor or some technical difficulties. For instance, your application to ESTA is approved but denied entry to the US or vice versa, ESTA denied but then approved your initial application. Please take into consideration that it could be the case that ESTA was denied by mistake, and do not hesitate to contact the ESTA support team via any form of communication. If these negative results cannot be altered, you always have the chance to get the travel visa.

I have to get to the US as soon as possible but I can’t do it via the VWP.

In the event that you were denied ESTA and the entry visa is needed in a hurry, you shouldn’t waste your time on finding out the reasons why it happened and trying to change the results, but instead, apply for the emergency visa at the closest embassy.

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