ESTA price

ESTA Price: the third-party price of ESTA application is $75.00

ESTA – price for additional assistance

ESTA price

One of the essential things you should keep in mind when paying the price of ESTA application is that you should check your data before the payment is processed because if you make a mistake in your request form, you will not be able to correct it. However, if you want to maximize your chances of obtaining travel authorization, you have to use some experts’ help. Read more about the ESTA price.


What is a third-party ESTA USA price?

A potential US visitor, who wants to obtain online approval, may use one of the many verification services offered by the 3-rd-party companies for additional ESTA visa price. The companies work through the websites, where one is able to fill in and submit an application. As is stated at the official page, the visitor who has submitted an approval request via a third-party website and has paid the ESTA USA price still needs to check his or her application status on the government site.  It can be done with the help of an application number.

You can use your application number to access, update and verify your approval request with the U.S. government site. The first thing you should do after paying ESTA visa USA price is to visit the official site and check if the information submitted by a 3-rd-party on your behalf is correct. Because if it isn’t, your US travel may be in danger. You are able to find more detailed instructions the Checking Your ESTA Status topic.

What is the price of ESTA application?

Our company can verify and submit an application on your behalf. Our experts will revise the provided data to avoid potential mistakes, carefully fill in your application and submit it in your name. We charge $75.00 in addition to a standard ESTA price (Processing Charge – $4.00 and Authorization Charge – $10.00). If you use our services, the total ESTA visa price you will need to pay will make $89.00.

What do you pay an ESTA visa USA price for?

When we ask you to pay ESTA USA price, we also offer you several high-quality services in return:

  1. Application Review
  2. Quick processing services,
  3. 24/7 customer support for 2 years from the authorization date,
  4. Data protection with the most secure method of encryption,
  5. Email notification with your travel authorization number prepared to be printed out.

If you feel like you do not need any assistance in filling out the request form or do not want to pay an additional price for ESTA application, you are able to submit your request at the U.S. government webpage.

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