United States Online ESTA Services – Privacy Policy

In order to fully utilize our services, you may be asked to provide some necessary personal information. We are committed to your privacy: We will never request any personal information that is not necessary to provide you our services, and will protect any and all information required. Use of this website constitutes consent to the terms of the following Privacy Policy.

The information we collect

The only information we will request from you is that which is required for your ESTA application. We will never collect any information you do not actively provide to us, and will not use your information for any purpose other than processing your ESTA application.

Identifying information

Identifying information is information such as your name, passport number, address, or telephone number, which identifies you or is unique to you personally. We will only use this information for the ESTA application process and for the purpose of locating your billing information if it is necessary to refund your application processing fee.

Information you provide

We will not collect any personal, identifying information that you, as our customer, do not willingly and voluntarily provide to us. We will only use the information you provide to us for your ESTA application, in the form you have provided it, including any billing information, responses to inquiries from us, or registration information.

Technical information we collect

Any additional information we collect will not be identifying information. We may collect information on your active web browser or other technical specifications in order to maximize the functionality and ease of use of our website, or to assist in solving any technical problems which arise.

Web beacons and third-party tracking

Our site may include web beacons on specific pages: special tags which send a third party technical information, such as your type of browser, screen resolution, type of device, the time you accessed the page, and third-party cookies you have already allowed access to your computer. The information they send is not personal or identifying, and only used to improve our technical performance and our services.

Sharing of information

The only time we might share your information is if we are legally required to provide some user information or individual access information related to law enforcement agency, court of law, or other government agency in response to their request, subpoena, or court order.

The security of your data

We understand that by handling credit card and identifying information, our customers trust us to ensure the technical security of our data and servers. We use an HTTPS secure socket layer system to protect all data transfers to and from our site.
We also apply the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a rigorous information security standard for businesses who accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Discover online. As part of its best practices, our systems are scanned monthly for data security compliance, and we independently use server monitoring systems to maintain server responsiveness.

Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to alter our Privacy Policy as necessary. In the event of an alteration, we commit to post a dated explanation of the changes prominently to our website as well as updating the contents of this page. Continued use of our services and website after a posted change to our Privacy Policy will be construed as consent to the updated policy in its updated form.
Changes to our policy will apply only to any information provided after the alterations go into effect, unless your explicit agreement is requested and obtained. If we are required to use any information provided prior to a policy change in a way that is only permitted under the new policy, we will contact you via email with an explanation of the change and request that agreement, which you may freely accept or decline.

Acceptance of terms

Any use of this website constitutes an agreement to the terms of our Privacy Policy in its current form on the day of the website visit. If you do not agree to the terms of the policy, the only action you need to take to ensure it does not apply to you is discontinue use of our website.

Recognition of privacy laws

We recognize and apply multiple US federal and state laws and third-party initiatives in addition to our own privacy policy. They include:

  • – The Personal Identifiable Information Guidelines (PII), which set out best practices, responsibilities, and guiding principles to protect personal identifiable information, as per the United States government;
  • – The Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices, which require us to notify the public of our information-collecting practices, provide individuals the choice to consent or not consent to those practices, ensure individuals can access any data that has been collected regarding them, ensure the data is accurate and secure, and provide a means both to enforce these policies and recourse if they are violated;
  • – The CAN-SPAM Act sets out the legal standards for content and delivery of commercial email messages, including unsolicited messages, or spam. It mandates the availability of an unsubscribe option in commercial mailing lists.
  • – The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CALOPPA) requires the accessible posting of and content standards for a privacy policy for websites which collect personal information from California residents, regardless of whether the site is based in California.

Most recent update

This privacy policy was updated on May 1, 2017.