FAQ: ESTA application Check, Update, and Renewal

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If you have already submitted an operation for one or more individuals, you can perform the following task: ESTA check. let’s discuss Frequently Asked Questions about “the ESTA visa check”.

How to check my ESTA application if my passport information changes?

There is no way to replace this type of data in the confirmed operation. If your traveling document is no longer valid, or its data has changed, you need to apply for ESTA confirmation one more time. The same fee for application processing will be charged.

How to do ESTA visa check and correct mistakes?

You are able to complete the ESTA check in the preview mode right before pressing the “Submit” button. You will be able to review all the information you have provided except the Passport Number and Country of Issue fields. You may do ESTA visa check during the online process. In case you have found errors after submitting your request, you can use the Update function and fix most of them. However, if you made a mistake in your name, traveling document data or date of birth, you will have to make a completely new operation and pay the same $37 fee.

ESTA check. How to correct the ID after completing the authorization?

You are able to change the passport issuing and expiration dates only until the payment has proceeded. If it is necessary for you to fix misprint in data after the payment has already been made, you will have to create a new requisition and pay the associated fee one more time. Your incorrect request will not be considered by the system.

My travel authorization will be over before I depart the United States for home. Do I need to apply for a new one?

If you see that your authorization runs out before you plan traveling back to your home country, don’t worry. According to the VWP principles, the US visitors have to enter the country with the valid ESTA confirmation checked by customs officers. However, the travelers are able to leave the US even after their confirmation has expired, as long as they do it within the 90 days after arrival.

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