ESTA update

ESTA application update

All travelers who enter the territory of the US under the VWP by air or sea need to have a confirmation of their The Electronic System for Travel Authorization. If your application was approved, you’ll get a travel authorization number, which enables you to perform ESTA visa update every time before you visit the US.

How to verify and update ESTA visa?

If you committed an error while filling out your application, for example, included a wrong passport data or personal information, then you will have to reapply and pay the associated fee one more time. However, if your error was related to some other traveling details, it may be corrected in the Update ESTA Application form. The information about your upcoming trip can be changed any day before the departure.

How is ESTA application update performed?

You may correct your application right before submitting it. You can preview all inserted data, except the passport information. However, after you’ve proceeded with the payment, no changes can be made.

Once your application is approved, you can only update the following fields of your ESTA visa:

  • Address of the hotel/house/apartment where you are going to stay while you visit the US,
  • Your e-mail address.

Previously, authorized visitors were able to complete ESTA update in several fields, for instance, the city where they planned to board, the flight number, the carrier, and telephone number.

Do I need to do ESTA application update every time I travel?

If the information about your address for staying in the US or your e-mail has changed since you submitted or changed your application, then you should visit the official website and comply your ESTA visa update.

Do I need to attain ESTA update when in transit?

Travellers who want to transit through the territory of the US under the VWP must have a valid authorization. If your personal or passport details have changed, you are obligated to perform ESTA update (which means to apply for a new authorization), but there is no need for you to update your e-mail address if you only transit through the territory of the US.

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