FAQ: How to retrieve my ESTA application

Retrieving the ESTA application: General Information

Life does not stand still and sometimes people need to make adjustments to the data they submitted to authorities. ESTA is no exception: this service provides its users with an opportunity to enter the database and retrieve or change certain information which was included in the initial application form. Some people would even need to retrieve ESTA Visa application in order to try and make the important changes. The process of retrieval of ESTA application is fairly simple and it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

When do you need to retrieve the ESTA application

You don’t have to go around various Internet forums and ask people, “How to retrieve my ESTA?” All the necessary information is here. After learning it, you will be able to log into the system of ESTA and retrieve application in a matter of minutes.

However, should you encounter any problems concerning the retrieval process, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will gladly help you. Just go to https://usa-visaservices.com/contact-us/ and send us your inquiry.

There is a rule that every responsible person should follow: it is necessary to regularly check and update all vital information, whether it is stored in the paper form or on certain online resources, such as ESTA. Here are the reasons why you would need to enter the ESTA system to retrieve an ESTA or to alter certain information:

  • ESTA retrieve application

    Make changes or provide additional information to the ESTA application form. Keep in mind that you can add or alter any vital information, except for the information that is related to the number of your identification card or passport and the governmental body that issued this document, only prior to actually submitting the form. Once it is sent or all the more approved, you will not be able to change only the information that concerns your place of residence in the US as well as the email address.
  • Keep yourself updated regarding the status of the ESTA application processing. The consideration of your ESTA application may take some time, so it would be natural if you check on it from time to time, whether you have already received that highly anticipated approval or not.
  • Check whether your ESTA has already expired or not. You are allowed to travel to the US visa-free only for two years. After that, you would have to renew your ESTA status by re-applying for the VWP once again. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with visiting the US, you should often ask yourself, “How long has it been since I’ve last retrieved my ESTA application?”
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