ESTA number retrieval

Retrieving ESTA Application: Step-By-Step Guide

Once you have submitted the application, it would be of absolute necessity to log into the system in order to verify your present standing. You would require the ESTA number retrieval on three occasions:

  • Shortly after you have submitted your information to ascertain that your candidacy for unrestricted journeys to America has been approved. Don’t fully rely on notifications or emails, though you should receive them in time, because even the most trusted electronic systems can experience malfunctions of different kinds, while you ought to know your traveler status before booking the tickets. Therefore, it is highly advisable to verify the status of your personal application on your own accord.
  • In case you want to change certain information in your application. It is possible to make such alteration before and after the submission of application. Prior to the final submission, you will have the chance to change anything you like, except for the data that concerns your personal identity card number. After you get approved, the only things you can change are the email details and the residential address in the States.
  • You will also need the ESTA application number retrieval to check whether your ESTA is still valid or not. As you probably know, the VWP allows you to travel to the States only during two years. Upon lapse of that period of time, you would have to apply for ESTA again.

ESTA: retrieve your application number

ESTA number retrievalIn any of these circumstances, you would need to know the answer to the question, which you probably want to find on this page, “How do I retrieve my ESTA application number?” The answer is really simple: it is provided to you after you submit the application. Print it out or write it down, because you will need it to enter the database.

  • Once you have retrieved the ESTA application number, you can go straight to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website to verify your traveler’s status. Here is a step-by-step guide on how it is done:
  • Follow this link. It will lead you to the website where you can submit the official application, retrieve ESTA registration number or check your current standing.
  • In order to retrieve your ESTA application number or check your status, scroll down to the “Returning Applicants” section and click on the “Check Individual Status” button.
  • Read and confirm security notifications.
  • After that, everything is fairly easy. You will be forwarded to the “Retrieve Individual Application” page, where you will be asked whether you know your application number. Many people ask, “How to retrieve my ESTA number?” Well, you can do it here. Just pick “I do NOT Know the Application Number”, fill all required fields and press “Retrieve Application”.
  • If you do know your application number, you should just choose the corresponding option and fill the following fields: passport number, date of birth, and application number.
  • Press “Retrieve Application”, and you should get an instant access to your personal account where you will find all the necessary information.

Given that you remember your application number correctly, this entire process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes. Just remember to retrieve your application at least twice in the course of two years: the first few hours after the initial application submission and at the end of the second year of your participation in ESTA. It would help you avoid some unfortunate situations.

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