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  • – Any instance of ‘company’, ‘we’, ‘our’, or ‘us’ refers to usa-visaservices.com or any of our subsidiary companies.
  • – ‘Service’ or ‘services’ refers to Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) application processing services provided by usa-visaservices.com.
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Who we are

usa-visaservices.com is a private company, unaffiliated with any government agency, which specializes in reviewing and processing applications for the Electronic System for Travel authorization for travelers interested in visiting the United States.

Company information

SOTTAX Global CO. LTD Nongprue sub district, Bang lamung district, chonburi province, 434/33, Village 12, Thailand Phone: +66955818473

Our processing service

Travelers who wish to enter the United States by air or sea under the Visa Waiver Program must first obtain an approved travel authorization in advance. The ESTA process asks you to answer a series of questions regarding your passport details, travel history, and the trip you are planning. Our service asks the questions necessary to review and process your ESTA application.
We help prevent issues with your ESTA application by screening for potential problems and contacting you to verify and confirm information before submitting it for approval, and only submitting applications we judge to be valid. Most applicants will receive an emailed notice of approval from our service inside 24 hours, although the process can require as long as 72 hours.
For this reason, it is recommended to apply as soon as you know you are going to travel. You can apply for ESTA before finalizing a travel itinerary, as approved applications can be updated with destination information any time before departure.
If our internal review deems that your application will not succeed, we will apply your money-back guarantee and refund your service fees before any submission to the ESTA process, saving you the processing fees ESTA charges for all applications. You will still have the option to submit your own application independently or through a different private company. However, only the United States government can ultimately approve or disapprove an ESTA application.

If your application is denied

In the event your ESTA application is denied, we will issue a full refund of our service charges to your credit card account and advise you to apply for a B-2 non-immigrant visitor visa at your closest United States Embassy or Consulate.
In the occasional case where the United States government rescinds approval to an ESTA travel application, however, we are unable to issue a refund, and strongly counsel you to verify your ESTA approval status before checking in for or reserving a flight to the United States.

Our site content

The information we provide is derived from a mix of our professional experience and publicly available information on ESTA and the Visa Waiver Program. While we make great efforts to ensure the information we delivery to you is current, accurate, and complete, ESTA is an evolving program, and errors or omissions may occur. We counsel you to treat our content as general program information and not legal or binding counsel, and verify the accuracy of any information if you are unsure.

Linking policy

The external links we provide are designed to supply additional information on either our services or those that can ease your visit to the United States. Our links to third-party sites does not constitute our approval of, endorsement of, or responsibility for any services, products, or content on linked sites, including any consequences of your use of them.

Your passport and visa documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure your passports, visas, and travel requirements are current and correct before planning a visit to the United States, and we cannot be held liable for any denial of boarding due to incorrect or incomplete documents.

Ownership of site content

Our content is licensed for personal, non-commercial use only. You are free to download our materials to a personal computer or print them for your personal use, so long as the copyrights, trademarks, and proprietary notices attached remain unchanged. Commercial use, translation, or redistribution of our content is prohibited.

Currency of transactions

We unfortunately only accept transactions in United States dollars. While your bank, credit card company, or other payment provider will provide an exchange rate when paying with a card based in a non-U.S. currency, we unfortunately cannot control or compensate for the exchange rate they set, or any foreign transaction fees charged by your financial institution for our services, even if they are included in the purchase on your credit card statement.
For further information about foreign exchange fees, exchange rates, and how fees are listed on your credit card statement, please contact a customer service representative at your financial institution.

Website access and licenses

We grant a limited license to access our site, specifically for personal use. What that means:

  • – You may link to our site’s primary page so long as the link and context is not misrepresentative, derogatory, or offensive to the site and our company. We reserve the right to revoke this permission at any time;
  • – Links may not include our logo, trademark, or proprietary graphics without an explicit grant of rights from us;
  • – You may not modify the content of our site without explicit written permission;
  • – You may not download site contents for any use other than personal, as described above, or automated browser caching;
  • – You may not use any part of this site or its contents for commercial purposes, or copy, manually or by automatic means, any information herein for any business or commercial use;
  • – You may not embed, frame, or place any contents of this site on another site by any other technique;
  • – You may not use any meta tags, hidden text, or any other technique that utilizes our name and trademarks without explicit permission.

These restrictions apply to any and all site content, including: text, graphics, forms, logos, trademarks, and elements of page composition or layout.


All content contained on our site is the property of usa-visaservices.com and falls under both international and national copyright laws in any country where our services are offered. Content includes all text, graphics, page elements, forms, stored data, media files, and associated software; both individual site elements and files and the entirety of the site. All software used is proprietary to usa-visaservices.com or our suppliers, and protected by copyright law.

Communications consents

By visiting our site and engaging in electronic communications with our company, you consent to communication by the same electronic means, and agree that those electronic communications shall be considered by both parties to satisfy any legal requirements for communications to be in writing. This consent will cover notifications, disclosures, statements of consent, or agreements.
We reserve the right to communicate with you via email or proprietary site functions designed for communication, and to not engage in or respond to communication by other means.
If you do not respond to communications with us regarding our services within two days, we will proceed with the information you have provided to us or cancel your application service in the event we cannot proceed.
If you wish to discontinue communications from us, please contact us via e-mail. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of data regarding the ESTA process if you choose to discontinue communications.

Terminating our services

We reserve the right to discontinue our provision of service and/or cancel your application at any time and for any reason, including use of this website for illegal purposes or in an improper manner, provision of false or misleading information, or any other contravention of our terms and conditions. Upon cancellation we will terminate any services provided, access to all or part of our website, and your registration at our site.

Information for answering ESTA inquiries

Answer ‘yes’ to the question regarding mental or physical disorders if:

  • – You currently suffer from a physical or mental disorder and your history of associated behavior poses, may pose, or has posed a threat to the safety, welfare, or property of yourself and others;
  • – You have previously suffered from a physical or mental disorder, your history of associated behavior has posed a threat to the safety, welfare, or property of yourself and others and is likely to recur or be a factor in other harmful behaviors.

Answer ‘no’ to the question regarding physical or mental disorders if:

  • – You do not currently suffer from any physical or mental disorder;
  • – You have currently or did previously suffer from a mental or physical disorder, but did not perform any associated behavior that posed a threat to the safety, welfare, or property of yourself and others;
  • – You have previously suffered from a physical or mental disorder and your history of associated behavior has posed a threat to the safety, welfare, or property of yourself and others, but that behavior is unlikely to recur.

Updates to our Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to update, alter, or make changes to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice in order to reflect updates to our services, our security, or to comply with legal requirements. Please regularly review our Terms, as continued use of the site and our services signifies an acceptance of these amended Terms.

Last Updated: May 1, 2017