ESTA visa Application Online – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rules of filing ESTA online application

Especially for you, we collected all the information on the ESTA online application so that you can quickly get the necessary papers.


What data is needed for ESTA online application?

In order to successfully submit an ESTA online application, you need the following data:

  • information about your date of birth and name
  • passport data
  • if infectious diseases are present, information should be provided
  • if there are arrests or problems with the law, it is also necessary to inform
  • if there are problems with the visa or the cases of deportation, indicate this
  • the address by which you will live in the United States.

As you can see, all information is simple enough and clear, it is necessary only to make a correct image of the future visitor.

Is it possible to submit US visa application online to participate in the Visa Waiver program?

It should be noted that the opportunity to receive US visa application online is available to everyone. For this you need to go through only a few simple steps.

1.The first step is filling in US visa application online and indicating all the information that is needed.

To do this, simply register on the site and be ready to share everything listed above, and also inform about the details of your trip, credit card and some special issues to ensure your safety. It is very important: if you go on a trip with a group, including children, each participant must submit their own completed form.

2. The second step is to feed completed papers

At the moment when you submit American visa application online, you will understand all the advantages of having such a bonus. After you press the button, you cannot correct the data, so be very careful.

3. The next, third, step is the payment of the fee.

American visa application online requires payment of a small amount for this service. The total bill will be only $ 4 for the directly generated steps. Pay attention to the fact that if your application is approved, you will have to pay the balance of expenses, that is, another $ 10. In the event that the application for the ESTA visa application online for any reason will be rejected, of course, you will not have to pay anything extra.

4. The fourth and most exciting step is getting an answer.

If to speak about the most favorable outcome of events, then ESTA USA visa application online will give you a response in a minute. Usually the system works very quickly, but delays occur due to the technical features of the process, so the rules recommend that you submit all applications in advance. The deadline for starting work with ESTA USA visa application online is 72 hours. Three days is enough to provide for all possible risks.

Possible outcomes

What statuses can you get? In the process of interaction with US visa application online there are three possible options for the development of events:

  • Authorization approved, the most obvious answer. In case you see such a reaction, we congratulate you, the program approved your request for US visa application online. However, despite the positive status, do not forget that the approval does not mean a guarantee of admission to crossing the border. You cannot avoid inspection from the border guard service in accordance with the laws of America.
  • Travel Not Authorized is the second possible verdict. Such information means that the program denied you a petition. Most often this means that your stay in the country is undesirable, but it is also not a guarantee of refusal. The final decision is to be made in any case by the forces of the border guard service. Even so, you will be able to contact the embassy and discuss the likely outcomes of the situation.
  • Authorization Pending is the third option, which slightly delays the final idea of the situation. The program informs you that there are some obstacles that are recommended to be solved. Detailed information in this case will be provided after the deadline of 72 hours, the decision can be any, both positive and negative.

Is it necessary to have a printed copy with you when you are in the airport hall?

We inform you that such a condition is optional. When you contact the service in the terminal, you automatically provide information about the participation in the program. Exclusively to protect yourself as much as possible and to be calmer, you can bring these documents with you. Also you can specify your number and immediately provide it on demand when identifying.

Can there be a need to reapply for an ESTA online application?

There are only a few possible probabilities of such a situation, when you may need to apply again to the ESTA online application:

  • passport deputy
  • change of name
  • sex change
  • change of citizenship
  • change of answers to questions from the questionnaire
  • the document has expired (the passport was changed or 2 years have passed).

All conditions will be preserved.

Is it possible to contact the organization offline?

In the event that the client does not have access to the Internet, he or she can attract a third party to the process of receiving ESTA visa application online. Special permits are not required, just ask someone to do it for you. All rights reserved.

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