ESTA applicant information

ESTA applicant information: What you need to know

Why do you need to provide ESTA info

ESTA information requiredThe main purpose of ESTA is to create a freer world where people don’t have to wait for a rather long period of time to get the permit for travel. ESTA and its accompanying Visa Waiver Program was created for law-abiding citizens of 38 countries who want to discover one of the greatest countries on our planet: to walk through the crowded streets and feel the great spirit of New York and Los Angeles, to visit numerous museums and unforgettable sights, like the Grand Canyon, to experience the diversity of local cuisine, and to feel a bit more American.

However, the attraction of tourists is not the sole purpose of this particular program. It is also an integral part of a powerful mechanism that ensures the national security of the States. The Program was introduced by the American authorities as one of counter-terrorism measures. Not all people who decide to apply for permit-free travel will get it but all of them have to go through a rigorous process of identity verification. Such verification is of absolute necessity because our world hasn’t become a safer place – many organizations and individuals still pose a serious threat to the well-being of America and it is the duty of the government and special services to identify and neutralize those threats as soon as possible and not allow people with evil intent to cross the border of the United States.

Some may ask, “How come citizens of the 38 friendly countries that participate in the Program have to provide the ESTA visa information?” The answer is quite obvious, all information needed for ESTA application won’t be used against an applicant. It is just the way to make sure that the alleged criminals will be kept out of the country. Basically, it is not different from the American visa information that people provide when applying for B-1 or B-2 visas.

What information is required for ESTA application

information needed for ESTA applicationFiling a request to the corresponding American authorities usually does not take plenty of time. Gathering information needed for ESTA application also won’t pose any serious problems. Here is a checklist of required ESTA information:

Name, surname, and date of birth. Make sure that you write your name and surname without spelling mistakes, exactly as indicated in your passport.

Passport information

The most important bit of USA ESTA information needed to obtain the right to travel without a permit. Always double check this information down to the last digit or letter.

History of medical conditions

If you have ever had any serious medical problems, don’t forget to mention them in your application.

Criminal convictions

It is a very important piece of information. If you withhold it from the American authorities, you will be definitely disapproved for traveling to the US under VWP.

Address of your stay in the States. It can be the address of your relative, friend or even a hotel booking.

Third party help

In case you are not sure how to properly fill out the ESTA application, you can always rely on They will heed all your needs and help you resolve all ESTA-related issues with unparalleled diligence. Please take the ESTA Eligibility Test and see if you have a chance to become a lucky Program participant.

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