ESTA application pending

What Should I Do if ESTA Application is Pending?

ESTA application pendingESTA application pending

Most applicants for the Visa Waiver Program run into an issue where they see that their ESTA is pending approval even though other people, for instance, their friends or members of their families were already granted a right for unrestricted journeys to North America. Naturally, they become worried that there are some problems with their request.

However, such an emotional upheaval is usually reasonless because the majority of ESTA application authorization go through the pending period that can last up to three days.

This is happening because the corresponding US authorities require some time to verify the applicant’s identity and conduct a thorough investigation regarding whether he or she were involved in any criminal activity or transgressed the US law or immigration policies in any way.

Until they make certain that you are a law-abiding person, your ESTA application will be pending.      

ESTA application pending: how long does it take to approve the application?

ESTA 72 hours pending

The ESTA authorization could be pending for 72 hours. It usually takes less than that to approve the application but in certain cases, it may take exactly that duration of time.

It may happen if the system is overloaded with the incoming application or the members of staff of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency are overwhelmed with work. Just have plenty of patience and wait for the required 72 hours before taking any action.

Does pending status mean that my ESTA is likely to be denied?

Not at all, pending ESTA application only means that your personal information is currently going through verification. Don’t make any hasty conclusions regarding such status. The processing speed depends on a variety of factors, and you can be approved at the very last minute.   

ESTA 72 hours pending time has passed but I still haven’t got the approval. What should I do?

In case where you haven’t got any notification from the authorities regarding whether your pending ESTA application was approved or not, you should go to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website and try to retrieve your application using the registration number you were given after you had submitted your request. If that doesn’t work out, then contact the CBP support team via live chat, email or any other available form of communication. They should help you sort out this problem.         

My ESTA authorization is pending. Can I travel?

ESTA authorization pending 72 hoursIn such a situation, you can certainly travel to any country of the world except for the United States of America. We strongly advise you to wait for the official approval from the U.S.

Customs and Border Protection agency, which comes in the form of short email that includes the authorization number, before planning any trips to the U.S. ESTA application authorization pending period is not that long, and you should certainly have some patience in order not to get into difficulties at the U.S. border.

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