ESTA authorization pending

ESTA Authorization Pending: What Does This Mean?

ESTA authorization pendingSome applicants may see the message “ESTA authorization pending”. What does this mean? The ESTA pending status of your request basically means that it’s still going through the review process by the authorities.

They thoroughly check all the provided personal details and then render a decision regarding whether to grant an applicant the opportunity to make trips to North America without the standard travel permit. This decision-making process usually takes up to 3 work days, during which your ESTA Visa authorization would remain pending.

Once the decision is made, you will be duly notified via email provided in your application form. In case you don’t receive any notifications upon the lapse of the designated time, you can inquire about the results on your own accord by visiting the website of the corresponding authorities and retrieve your personal request and verify the traveler’s status.

What is the reason why ESTA authorization is pending for such a prolonged period of time?

ESTA pendingESTA status authorization pending generally means that certain applications were identified as those that need additional inspection regarding the accuracy of the provided details. Such measures are necessary because of the strict policies which have become even tougher due to the latest developments in the world. In any case, there is absolutely no reason to worry if your ESTA Visa is pending for the period of time which does not exceed two days – it is within the framework of the standard checking procedure.

However, you should remember that placing the request alone does not grant you the right to visit the United States without the travel permit. Make certain that your candidacy was approved before making arrangements for the voyage.

My application was not approved over the designated period of time. What’s my next course of action?

In case where your ESTA Visa authorization is pending for more than three days, you have to get in touch with the support team of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency to clarify the cause of such an offset. All the necessary details are available on their website. The reason may be the system malfunction or the unusually high workload of the staff. In the worst-case scenario, it would be necessary for you to re-submit the request and wait another two to three days for the outcome of the procedure.

What should I do if upon the expiry of pending period my application was rejected?

In the event that you have received the corresponding notification which says that you were refused access to the United States without the visa, you will be given an opportunity to apply for the necessary travel document at the nearest U.S. embassy. All details will be provided to you in the same email. Try to apply for the visa as soon as possible. You should also know that the processing fee of $4 will not be reimbursed.   

My ESTA was pending and approved. What next?

ESTA visa pending

  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an email which contains your personal authorization number.
  • Use it to travel to the United States without the visa for two years, just don’t forget to refresh the expiration date in your memory from time to time in order to avoid any trouble.
  • Check your ESTA on officail  website by link.
  • We hope you enjoy your trip!
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