ESTA for children

Do children need to apply for ESTA?

ESTA for children“Do children require an ESTA authorization?” this is an extremely popular question that bothers thousands of parents from Visa Waiver Program countries. The answer is yes, ESTA is required for children. Every kid, even an infant, has to submit ESTA children application or it is better to say has to have ESTA form for children filled in and submitted for him/her.

Children ESTA application may be submitted by parents, other relatives, family friends, or any other person (teacher, coach, etc.). The main requirement is that the young person that wants to obtain ESTA for children needs to be a citizen or national of one of the 38 Visa Waiver Program countries.

As a parent or legal guardian of a minor or a youngster, you may need to read and explain to him/her all the statements and questions of the ESTA children application. You should also honestly answer all the questions provided in the children ESTA form on behalf of a minor applicant.

How do children need to complete ESTA application?

The process of obtaining ESTA for children is the same as for adults. That is why we recommend our clients to submit applications for the whole family or group at the same time, which is at least a week before the planned departure.

When do children need ESTA visa?

A young person needs to obtain authorization if he or she wants to travel to the US or transit through its territory under the VWP. A minor can get ESTA visa only if he or she is a citizen or national of the country that is a member of the Visa Waiver Program.

ESTA and children’s passports

ESTA form for children can be obtained only by the kids who have their own valid passports. The children who are listed on their parents’ passports are not eligible for ESTA authorization. If your kid doesn’t have an individual passport, he or she can still obtain a US visa and travel without children ESTA.

What type of passport do children need for an ESTA?

Not all children’s passports are valid for ESTA children application. According to the children ESTA requirements, the travel document must be issued, updated or extended on 26th October 2005, or later. It also needs to be machine-readable and contain a bearer’s digital picture and biographical data page.

Do children need to apply for ESTA if their passports expire in less than six months?

Even if your kid’s passport does not meet the six months validity passport rule, which means it expires less than in six months beyond his or her planned date of departure from the US, he or she can still get ESTA approval. However, in this case, the authorization, which is usually valid for two years, will be valid only until the passport expiration date.  

How many passport pages are required for children ESTA?

Do children need an ESTAAccording to the CBP recommendations, any traveler, including the minor one, needs to have minimum one blank page in his or her travel document for the entry stamp.

If you want to make sure that your ESTA children application submission will bring you successful results, you should try our ESTA Eligibility Test. This way you can get to know what kind of information you will need to provide when filling in the ESTA form for children and what type of questions you will have to answer on behalf of your kid.

Our company is also happy to help you with application submission. We will verify your data, fill in and submit the form for you and your minor. You will not have to worry about mistakes or confusions. Our experienced officers will do a first-rate job for you!

In case you already have your authorization issued and you want to check its status or update the information about your intended trips to the US, you can always do it by clicking Check or Update ESTA now.

If you need more detailed information on ESTA and children, the validity of the authorization, or any other issue concerning visiting the US under VWP, you can read the corresponding articles in our blog.

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