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Visa Waiver business travels to the States: What are the options?

ESTA business tripMaking several business trips a year or even a month is a common thing in our rapidly globalizing world. However, even such trips often require a certain permit which allows an employer or a business owner to stay in the country for a designated terms of time. The States are not different in that matter: if you want to enter the territory of this country to settle some vocational goals, you would have to have a permit. Except for Green Card, there are two other permits that allow the visitor to conduct career-related activities on this territory.

The first one is B-1 or visa for doing business in the USA. The candidate for such a visa must visit the nearest American embassy, file a corresponding request and wait for the approval from the authorities. This process may take up to three weeks. For the business trip person must have an eligible passport and present a solid proof that he or she will visit the country with the sole purpose of dealing with job-related matters.

ESTA business trip. The second option is to become a participant of the Program Visa Waiver. Business people often choose it. Basically, there isn’t clear segregation within the Program regarding the purpose of visit, as it is suitable for both tourist and ESTA business visitor. The process of application for ESTA business travel is no different from the ordinary one. In order to acquire ESTA for a business trip, the individual has to take the Eligibility Test, then correctly fill in and submit the online application form and, during the designated period of time, get the approval from the authorities. Once he or she gets approved, this person officially obtains the Visa Waiver Program for business. The ESTA business visitor commonly prefers because of simplicity and availability.

Difference between B-1 and ESTA for business trip

Many people ask about the differences between the ESTA for a business trip and the B-1 visa. Would it be more convenient to get into the Visa Waiver Program for business instead of going through the dreary bureaucratic procedures at the embassy?

Here is what’s different between these two approaches:

  • ESTA business trip. Only citizens of 28 countries have the privilege of traveling via ESTA Visa business USA program, and only after they get approved by the authorities. People from other counties have no other choice but to go to the embassy and apply for the standard business visa.
  • However, B1 visa has certain advantages over ESTA business trip because the participants of the VWP can go to the States only for a short period of time to settle some business matters, attend meetings, conferences or conventions. In that case, the duration of your stay shouldn’t exceed a duration of few weeks and you can’t receive payments from local companies. The B1 visa, on the other hand, allows a person to stay in the country for a prolonged duration and conduct a wider range of professional activities. For instance, if you were appointed a general manager to the international division of your company, it will be more suitable to apply for the B-1 visa instead of ESTA Visa business USA program.

With ESTA business travel will be easy and hassle-free

If you plan on visiting the States to resolve some business issues but you are not entirely certain about which program to choose or where to apply, the experts at are always ready to help and lead you through all stages of travel permit obtainment. If you think that ESTA for business travel is more suitable for you, take the ESTA Eligibility Test and then contact The American business world will open its doors to you!

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