US waiver program changes

The History of the United States Visa Waiver Program: changes and achievements

visa waiver program changesThis program was introduced by the American government as part of a larger one that deals with issues concerning counter-terrorism. It permits citizens from 38 countries to enter the territory of the States, as well as other territories like Puerto Rico, without the usual business of tourist visa. The VWP works on the basis of ESTA, which is short for the Electronic System of Travel Authorization. This system was introduced in 2007, after the adoption of the 9/11 Commission Act by the Congress. The purpose of this system is to gather and analyze information about the applicants for US visa program, determine whether or not a certain candidate poses a threat to national security. It is carried out by the Department of Homeland Security in close cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security. Please note that participation in the American visa waiver program does not guarantee that you will go through a rigorous check by a customs officer at the arrival airport or any other border-crossing point.

How to become eligible for ESTA

In order to be able to travel freely to the States, a citizen of one of the designated 38 counties has to apply for Visa Waiver Program.

The process of application is fairly simple:

  1. Go to the website of the corresponding authorities or and take the ESTA Eligibility Test.
  2. Upon the successful completion of the test, find the application form, fill it out diligently, and submit it for review.
  3. Wait for the reply, which should come in 24 to 78 hours in the form of an official email. You will either be approved or denied participation in the United States Visa Waiver Program.
  4. If approved, print out the ESTA reference number, take the passport, and embark on a wonderful journey to the Land of the Free.

American Visa Waiver Program Changes

The world doesn’t stand still, and the USA Waiver Program has also reformed over the course of the last decade. Here is a brief chronology of all the United States Visa Waiver Program changes:

  • 2009 – Personality verification via ESTA became obligatory for all citizens of countries that participate in the ESTA waiver program. Later on, the preliminary authentication was added to the already existing list of the requirement of the ESTA visa program.
  • 2010 – The processing fee was introduced. Now the USA Visa Waiver Program cost amounts to $14 ($4 – processing charge and $10 – authorization charge). Also, all airline companies that fly to the States were ordered to check whether a passenger that’s about to board the plane is an eligible member of the USA WVP.
  • 2015 – Changes were applied in accordance with the Terrorist Prevention Act which constituted in the denial of participation in the ESTA Waiver Program for individuals, including citizens of the US Visa program eligible countries, who visited such countries as Iran, Somalia, Syria and some other for purposes other than military or diplomatic.     

USA Waiver Program: Third Parties

As you can see, the ESTA program can be quite complicated at times. Therefore, it may be a good idea to seek assistance from competent third parties like They have the best specialists in this field, and they will gladly help you or the members of your family to resolve any issue concerning this Program. They will be guiding you every step of the way and make sure that every little detail in your application form is correct. Visit their website, where you can take the ESTA visa program Eligibility Test or apply for Visa Waiver Program right now.  

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